July 12, 2024

How Can Manufacturers Market to the Construction Industry?

Annabelle Bean, website manager at NBS talks about how manufacturers can reach a construction audience.

Getting your products in front of architects mayfeel like an impossible task, especially in the current climate.  It’s important for any manufacturer not only sell the technical benefits of the product but to understand the exact needs of the architect. Building an element of trust is an important aspect of the process.

Today, we look at what marketing activity manufacturers can do in order to get their products in front of the architects.

Thorough market research

In any industry, market research is vital for targeting the right people. One of the most popular ways to dive deep into the logistics of who you want to see your product is via creating something known as a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is essentially a fictional character that characterises who your best-fit customer would be. It gives you an insight into what their challenges are, why they want your product or service, and what they need from you as a business.

Not only does it draw people in to work with you, but it helps you understand more how you can serve them once they become accustomed to your product. Statistics show that 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas, and a whopping 81% of buyers are prepared to pay a premium for industry experience and industry-specific solutions.

If you’re thinking of conducting market research, then you should consider creating buyer personas to find out exactly who you should be targeting to get specified – with the beauty of buyer personas being based on real data.

Engaging with online events

Online events and webinars have become common over the course of 2020 and the start of this year. Replacing trade shows and exhibitions, industry leaders have turned to webinars and other forms of digital content to push their products in the right direction of their target audience.

In the world of architecture and design, February was a month that magnified the “show must go on” approach, with events across the world taking place, covering a range of architectural topics.

Closer to home, the Architects’ Journal will host its first Materials in Focus online event on March 18th, which will explore the use of materials in design and how architects can specify and use them in more sustainable way.

Meanwhile, NBS – the platform provider who helps manufacturers get specified –has been hosting live online events and webinars throughout lockdown.

Robin Cordy, Marketing Director, NBS, said:

“Online events are excellent way to engage with and grow your audience in a unique and measurable way.  Not only are they highly convenient for attendees, they offer the host huge cost-saving benefits in terms of delivery.

Modern event platforms are now more readily available and accessible than ever.NBS regularly hosthugely successful online events. Part of that success is to deliver a diverse range of speakers, but also tomake it easy for delegates to pick and choose the content they wish listen to, contribute to polls, ask our speaker’s questions, as well as offer networking sessions before and after just like a traditional event or conference.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that digital events offer unique insights post the event such as engagement and feedback to help you measure results and build your sales pipeline to help maximise your return on investment”.

It’s proof that, despite the lack of face-to-face events, key industry leaders are finding new ways to engage and drive forward with thought leadership and showcasing products on a digital platform. If you’re thinking about hosting your own online event, join one yourself to see how they’re carried out or research the best way to host one at an affordable price – sometimes even free.

Building trust

Being trusted is one of the most important things any manufacturer needs to get right. Architects will look for a manufacturer or supplier who they can trust to help them specify the right product for the project.

Achieving a good level of trust can be achieved through clear communication, sharing knowledge, and showing a level of flexibility that aligns with the needs of the projects. For marketers, it’s important to mix all these ingredients together when approaching or staying in contact with architects.

In summary

It’s safe to say that, right now, the world has gone digital. But this doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing; it can be seen as a good thing. See it as an opportunity to go down an avenue you may not have explored before.

Take trade shows as a prime example. If you could only attend so many in the past, you can now attend several in the space of one day. The reduced time spent on travel can be used to join webinars and talks on subjects that matter the most to you as a manufacturer.

If you achieve the right mix of well-targeted research, strong thought leadership via online events, and expert communication throughout the process of working with the architect, you’ll be on the right tracks to get specified.