December 8, 2023

AAC Waterproofing gives Prelasti Green Membrane UK Debut

For over forty years, Anglesey-based AAC Waterproofing Ltd. has been the leading flat roof contractor in the North West, and the company is now giving the innovative eco-friendly Prelasti Green EPDM membrane its UK debut. Made from 42% recycled tyres, the unique solution is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Sustainability and reducing carbon footprint is one of the most important considerations for businesses in this modern world. As the leading provider of flat roofing in the North West, Anglesey-based AAC Waterproofing is excited to be giving the Prelasti Green EPDM membrane its UK debut.

This unique and innovative EPDM membrane is specifically designed to be far greener than traditional solutions. Never used in the UK before, the solution is made up of 42% recycled car tyres, helping to reduce the number going to landfill or destroyed using potentially dangerous methods. Not only is this new EPDM solution utilising recycled material, but the resulting membrane is also incredibly stable and durable, helping to fully waterproof the property.

Prelasti Green’s eco-friendly EPDM membrane is also produced using techniques designed to significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide created from manufacturing. The highly durable solution can last for up five decades and is also fully recyclable once finished.

What makes this innovative new solution so effective is that it can be used to waterproof a wide range of roofing styles. This includes ballasted roofs, adhered roofs, mechanically fastened roofs and eco-friendly green roods. The membrane also offers very high UV resistance and high tear and shear properties, ensuring maximum protection.

As the first provider of this revolutionary new roofing membrane, AAC Waterproofing is helping to transform its client’s roofing needs. The first installation in the country will be with the Anglesey Sea Zoo, where AAC has been appointed to complete a new re-roofing project.

Alongside displaying a wide array of marine animals to guests, the aquarium places an ever-increasing emphasis on conservation. To help combat the ever-growing impact of the human population and overfishing, Anglesey Sea Zoo has developed and implements a captive breeding, release, conservation and education programme designed to raise awareness on the issues and empower individuals to make decisions based on knowledge.

By utilising the eco-friendly EPDM membrane offered by AAC Waterproofing, the Anglesey Sea Zoo is able to further boost its green credentials. The highly durable membrane will also be able to withstand the weather and extreme elements the Zoo is often exposed to thanks to its position on the edge of the Menai Strait.

Andy Porter, Managing Director at AAC Waterproofing added, “We are really proud to be the first roofing company in the UK to be offering this innovative new membrane from Prelasti Green. Reducing our impact on the environment is incredibly important to everyone here at AAC Waterproofing, and this new eco-friendly EPDM membrane ensures we can take this even further.

“Made from 42% recycled tyres, the solution helps to provide a robust and eco-friendly offering compared to other options on the market and we are looking forward to working with the Anglesey Sea Zoo to fully waterproof their building in the most environmentally way possible.”

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