July 20, 2024

Architects launch new feasibility service for property investors and developers

An award-winning North Wales multi-disciplinary architectural practice is kicking off 2022 with the launch of a new feasibility service for professional property investors and developers.

Base Architects, which has offices in Conwy, Chester and Shrewsbury, is utilising the expertise and experience of its 18-strong team with a UK-wide feasibility service for new and existing clients.

The new service will ensure investors and developers consider all the relevant factors associated with a potential development and advise them of the risks and requirements of the current planning system. It will include engaging with clients to understand their requirements, site visits if necessary and advice on how a project can be progressed to maximise return on investment.

Managing Director Harry Reece said the firm’s experience in the commercial sector, coupled with its in-house planning expertise, meant it was ideally placed to help developers better understand how to make the most of a site.

He explained: “More than ever, strategic planning is a key part of development as competition for land is hot and developers want to minimise their risk and maximise their profit.

“We know that prior to coming to us, some clients acquired sites that have poorly considered design implications, reducing their value or marketability. This costs time and money and can easily be avoided if they engaged with our feasibility service in the first place, ultimately benefiting landowners, developers and agents.

“Our in-house planning team and bespoke approach for each client means we can offer the whole package from the initial feasibility report through to design, planning, tender and contract administration on site. Our site and construction experience also ensures that our initial design options are correctly considered and deliverable.”

Base can also act as a one-stop shop for developers, giving access to a trusted network of other professionals they may need such as funders, financial advisors, surveyors and solicitors.

The free feasibility service is ideal for individuals and consortiums taking a first foray into professional property development, added Harry.

“It can be daunting when first starting out in property development so we can act as a guide through the process and introduce you to other key professionals. Equally we can work with larger scale developers who need more master planning support. Enquiries for this aspect of our work have considerably increased over the past year, which has, in part, influenced the launch of our new service.”

Land or property owners who want a free feasibility and investability check should contact [email protected].