July 19, 2024

MyJobQuote conducted a recent poll with trade members who voted for their favourite power tool brands. Not only will this reveal which tool brands come out on top, but it will also offer some inspiration if you are investing in new tools yourself or struggling to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. 

Now the poll results are in, let’s find out which tool brand has come out on top…

Personal Favourite Tool Brand

Forms response chart. Question title: What's your personal favourite tool brand?. Number of responses: 319 responses.

Most Durable Tools

Forms response chart. Question title: Who makes the most durable tools?. Number of responses: 316 responses.

Highest Quality Tools

Forms response chart. Question title: Who makes the highest quality tools?. Number of responses: 316 responses.

Best Value for Money Tools

Forms response chart. Question title: Which tool brand offers the best value for money?. Number of responses: 317 responses.

Best Portable Tools

Forms response chart. Question title: Which brands offers the best portable tools?. Number of responses: 317 responses.

Most Used Tool Brand

Forms response chart. Question title: Which tool brand do you use the most?. Number of responses: 320 responses.

Results Re-cap

From our survey results, it’s clear that DeWalt nailed the top brand spot with over 39% of the vote for the most used tool brand due to the durability, quality, and the best value for money that DeWalt’s tools offer. 

DeWalt clearly has some brand loyalty, as it also came out on top as the best portable tool brand, with 124 of our trades voting for the Black and Decker-owned brand. So, if you have a handy dad that needs tools for on the go, a portable DeWalt power tool may be the perfect present. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Power Tools for Father’s Day

Just because DeWalt is our overall winner, does not mean that it’s the right brand for everyone, so before you go out and invest in tools for Father’s Day, you should consider the following things:

Look at the Safety Rating 

Just because a brand is well-known, does not mean that the tools are always safe. To ensure the tool you are purchasing is safe, you need to do your research. You can start by looking at customer reviews and then take a look at the product specs to see if there are any additional safety measures in place to prevent accidents.

Corded Vs Cordless

One of the first things you should consider when purchasing tools is whether your dad would prefer a corded or cordless tool. Both have their benefits, however cordless tools offer more freedom in terms of movement, so they are ideal for awkward angles, although they do need charging regularly. Corded tools are more powerful, as they offer consistent power, so they are ideal for more difficult jobs. 

Study the Features

If your dad is working on a specific project that requires a certain tool, it is important that you choose the right product for the job. For instance, they may require a certain size drill. If your dad is fairly handy and takes on a few different jobs, then it may be worthwhile investing in a multi-functional tool with an array of different functions.

Consider the Overall Cost

When buying a tool, you may only consider the initial cost of the tool, however you also need to take other costs into account. This includes the price of accessories, as well as electrical costs, which may be lower or higher depending on whether you choose a corded or cordless tool. 

Need more tips on buying power tools for Father’s Day? Feel free to ask one of our trusted trades, who always offer the best tool advice. 


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