Bellway Strategic Land launches across South West and Wales

Bellway Strategic Land officially launched its South West and Wales region at an exclusive event in Bristol.

The homebuilder, which relaunched its strategic land business unit last year, now has teams working on medium to long-term land opportunities across all of England, Scotland and Wales.

In the South West and Wales, Bellway’s team of land development experts are already working with landowners and agents to plan sustainable new communities in line with Local Plan priorities set out by councils across the region.

The newly-formed team welcomed guests to a reception in Glass Wharf, Bristol, last week where land agents, landowners and planning professionals were invited to celebrate the launch. They were joined by the divisional land teams from Bellway’s South West, Wales, Thames Valley and Wessex divisions, who work closely with the new Strategic Land department.

Geoff Wilde, Strategic Land Director for Bellway in the South West and Wales, said: “Our launch event in Bristol was a real success, with a number of new and exciting opportunities already being discussed as a result. We plan to hold and attend events regularly across the region.

“The feedback received from many who attended gives us confidence that we are well on the way to making Bellway Strategic Land the preferred choice in the South West as the go-to homebuilder for those involved in identifying future developments.”

Bellway Strategic Land is part of Bellway PLC, a national homebuilder based in Newcastle upon Tyne and operating from 22 divisions in England, Scotland and Wales.

The company’s strategic land team consists of planning and development experts who work with landowners, specialist planners and local authorities to identify short, medium and long-term opportunities for development.

Any immediate land opportunities the team secures are progressed by the relevant Bellway Homes division.

Geoff said: “Developing high-quality, sustainable communities is our vision and something we pride ourselves on at Bellway Strategic Land.

“Our North, South and Central regions have already had great success with this, and here in the South West and Wales, this is something we will strive to achieve for many years to come.”

Steven Brown, Regional Chairman of Bellway South West, added: “The launch of Bellway Strategic Land in the South West and Wales is another show of strength in our aim as an ambitious homebuilder to plan and deliver sustainable new communities in this region.

“To see the turnout at the event in Bristol was extremely encouraging and knowing Geoff and his team’s desire and work ethic, I have absolutely no doubt it will be a success.

“I look forward to working with Geoff and his Strategic Land team moving forward to continue to help meet the ever-increasing demand for housing in this part of the country.”

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