Causeway’s acquisition of Yotta set to drive synergies across works execution and asset management

New solutions set targeted at driving efficiencies for contractors and local authorities alike

Construction technology provider Causeway Technologies has announced that it is leveraging its recent acquisition of Yotta, the UK’s leading provider of connected asset management software and services, to deliver synergies to contractors and local authorities across both works and project management and infrastructure asset management and maintenance.

Causeway’s acquisition of Yotta creates a single, truly integrated end-to-end solution that unites and manages the interface between asset management and works execution for local authorities and their contractors, giving both parties a single provider to reduce data silos and improve asset management simplicity.

Causeway will deliver capability across two key areas. The first, Causeway Maintenance Management, is targeted at contractors working on infrastructure asset management projects. It is essentially a project management tool that provides the ability to schedule job or enquiry tasks quickly and efficiently to project teams working out in the field.

Causeway Maintenance Management surpasses existing software solutions in this area in multiple ways including the use of forms to simplify the capture data from site with the use of customisable layouts for ease of data entry. It also provides enhanced job management capabilities, for example, providing the ability to save filters generically or for specific users:

The second major focus for product synergy is targeted at both local authorities and contractors and by integrating Yotta’s Alloy connected asset management solution and Causeway Project Accounting (CPA). This will deliver a seamless process which covers the whole life of an infrastructure asset from initial design right through asset maintenance and has the potential to brings local authorities and contractors together as a single team working on an infrastructure project.

Manish Jethwa, formerly Chief Product and Technology Officer of Yotta and now Chief Product Officer at Causeway, said: “The integration of processes and data is essential for all local authority contracts executed by contractors. With our new combined offerings, data will flow seamlessly between local authorities and their contractors in one single end-to-end solution, ensuring the needs of all stakeholders are met without compromise.

“The acquisition combines Yotta’s fantastic knowledge of the asset management needs for local authorities with Causeway’s own, well-established expertise in contractor job and resource management, thereby creating a team with an unparalleled depth of understanding.

“The synergy between the Causeway and Yotta products will drive efficiencies for both contractors and local authorities long into the future as the journey to enhanced functionality continues. Our team now has an expert understanding of both groups and the specific operational challenges that they are facing. Contractors can have confidence that the technology they work with at local authorities will be able to deliver the capability and intelligence they need and that will make them more productive and efficient as a result.”


About Causeway Technologies  

Causeway Technologies was established in 1999. Headquartered in Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, it serves over 2,800 customers and has over 400 employees. Causeway provides enterprise and cloud software solutions to the construction and infrastructure maintenance industries and spans the full value and supply chain.

About Yotta

Yotta (acquired by Causeway Technologies in June 2022) transforms the management of the built world to create safer, cleaner, and more sustainable places for everyone.

Its Alloy and Horizons cloud-based asset management software connects people, systems, and assets so that organisations can make better, more informed decisions and manage their infrastructure assets with greater efficiency, speed, and clarity than ever before.

Based in the UK, Yotta has an international network of partners, supports over 200 public and private customers and its software is used to manage more than 35 million assets.

Yotta was acquired by construction technology provider Causeway Technologies in June 2022. Established in 1999, the company serves over 3,000 customers and has over 400 employees. Causeway provides enterprise and cloud software solutions to the construction and infrastructure maintenance industries and spans the full value and supply chain.