June 21, 2024

CRH plc, the global leader in building materials solutions, announces CRH Ventures, its venture capital unit, which will support the development of new technologies and innovative solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers and evolving trends in construction.

With access to a $250 million venturing and innovation fund to invest, CRH Ventures will partner with construction and climate technology companies, operating across the construction value chain.

CRH Ventures will focus on cutting-edge technologies at the core of the construction industry’s changing landscape, investing in companies that are: developing the next generation of advanced sustainable building products and accelerating the industry’s path to decarbonisation; expanding automation and off-site construction methods to build more efficiently and safely; leveraging digital technologies to build smarter; and increasing market efficiency and optimisation to deliver better value for customers.

Albert Manifold, Chief Executive of CRH, said: “The launch of CRH Ventures demonstrates our continued commitment to investing in new technologies that will shape the built environment of tomorrow. CRH Ventures will serve as a valuable partner to start-ups and entrepreneurs that will benefit from the technical capabilities, knowledge and expertise of a global industry leader, to pilot and scale new technologies and innovations that will enable safer, smarter, and more sustainable construction.”

CRH Ventures is actively pursuing investment opportunities, having already partnered with construction and climate technology start-ups in the areas of digitalisation and decarbonisation.

For more information visit www.crhventures.com.


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