July 12, 2024

Starmer now has a golden opportunity to drive through the planning and housing reforms relatively unopposed.

Keir Starmer now has a “golden opportunity” to tackle Britain’s housing crisis, a leading expert says today.

Jonathan Rolande, from the National Association of Property Buyers, believes the super-majority the new Prime Minister now boasts can help rescue a whole generation left fearful they will never own their own home.

Mr Rolande said; “The appalling state of housing cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. The average first time buyer is in their mid-thirties and if things continue as they have been, children today won’t be buying until they are in their 50’s, if ever.

For many young people who voted, the availability of housing was very high on their agenda. With such a large majority and an opposition who will now tear themselves into even smaller pieces as they struggle to regroup, Starmer now has a golden opportunity to drive through the planning and housing reforms relatively unopposed.”

Outlining the impact this will likely have across the sector, Mr Rolande added: “

“This will cause some ripples in the property market. Buyers and especially investors do not like change.  Predictability is key for landlords, house builders and developers and a lack of confidence is contagious, it soon affects homebuyers too.

To re-balance the market I believe we shall soon see things that give us, in the business of buying, selling or letting homes plenty to complain about.

Expect more regulation to protect tenants especially. It will stop short of rent capping, but only just.

A turbo-charged Renters Reform Bill is likely to be the first thing we’ll see.

Councils will be freed up to build more homes, creating competition that has been lacking in recent years. This may help to suppress prices and rents.

Bold initiatives will shock the housing market and we may see adverse effects.

But we should also see the positives. Good landlords will be rewarded, bad will be ones driven out. The same with good employers. As more homes become available and the pressure on prices and rents eases, younger colleagues will have a proper chance to buy or rent a decent home, put down roots and have something worth working for. Employing good people should become easier. The medicine is likely to be bitter, but its results will, I hope, be worth that temporary discomfort.”

Meanwhile one of the country’s leading lending specialists has outlined what Mr

Starmer needs to focus on in his first 100 days in office.

Ryan Etchells, Chief Commercial Officer, Together, who have been delivering secured lending for 50 years, said: “Now that there is certainty over the next administration, there is a need for strong leadership to show swift action and delivery on promises made.

“Top of the agenda should be looking at boosting the UK’s housing stock, which has not kept pace

with our increasing population to such a level in recent years that we are now in a deepening

housing crisis.

“Before the election, Labour vowed to build 1.5million homes over the next parliament – effectively re-instating the previous Government’s 300,000-a-year targets. But to achieve such ambitious numbers we need to see real change.

“We want to see a radical overhaul of the broken planning system to speed up town hall decision-making by removing red tape and unlocking opportunities for developers. There needs to be real incentives for SME housebuilders to create quality, modern and affordable homes in the right places to boost local economies.”