June 22, 2024

When it came to replacing his five-tonne excavator, owner-operator Mark Wilson decided it was time to try something new. After a visit to his local Yanmar dealer, he concluded that the zero tail swing ViO57 would be perfect for his groundworks and landscaping business.


Exceptional power, compact design

Established in 2005, M Wilson Plant Hire delivers groundworks, landscaping, trench digging, fencing and grading services across North Yorkshire. Known for his intricate skill and unmatched results, Mark’s experience has taught him that only the best equipment will do.

When it came to replacing his five-tonne excavator, MTS Plant was his first port of call. As Yanmar’s dealer for Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and the central belt of Scotland (Glasgow/Edinburgh), the knowledgeable team were able to advise him on the best solution for his business.

Mathew Watson, Director at MTS Plant, commented: “Mark came to MTS Plant looking to try something new. He had experience with a wide range of manufacturers, but wanted an excavator that he could count on day in, day out. We talked him through Yanmar’s comprehensive range and highlighted the options that would best suit his needs.

“After showing Mark around the ViO57, an extremely compact zero tail swing model that offers class-leading power, unmatched reliability, excellent hydraulics and a whole host of state-of-the-art technologies into its sub-5.5-tonne build, he knew straightaway that it was the perfect machine for his business.”

With great specifications for owner-operators, the ViO57 was further enhanced by Mark’s choice of options, including air conditioning, heater, air seat, counterweight, tilting hitch and custom decals.

The ViO57’s zero tail swing design makes excavating on space-restricted worksites simple, while the recently-updated boom offers 10% greater lifting force while reducing its weight by 40kg for better manoeuvrability. The excavator comes equipped with powerful LED lights, which are perfect for the dark winter months.


Impressive build quality and easy operation

Since taking delivery of the excavator, Mark has been thoroughly impressed by the ViO57’s build quality. With exceptional performance and numerous safety features, the ViO57 has proven a significant upgrade. Not only has it improved Mark’s productivity, but also made a great impression with his clients.

Reflecting on the new purchase, Mark commented: “Compared to other machines I’ve used in the past, the ViO57 is in a different league. It’s easy to operate and can handle heavy loads. The accuracy and speed of the hydraulic system allows me to work far more efficiently and with much greater precision than I could previously.

“It’s not just great in terms of performance, it’s also very comfortable and the controls are intuitive and ergonomic. These details are important when you spend all day in the cab. Overall, I couldn’t be more impressed. For anyone looking to invest in a new excavator, my advice is simple. As soon as you take a seat in a Yanmar, you’ll be sold.”

For more information about the ViO57, or other models in the Yanmar portfolio, www.yanmar.com/gb/construction. For more information about MTS Plant, visit www.mtsgroup.co.uk.


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