April 18, 2024

WorkSpace, a division of IT specialists, Emtec Corporation, has just launched the WorkSafe Safe Spacer™ wearable social distance monitor. The ground-breaking device, which has been developed in conjunction with IK Multimedia, helps users maintain a safe social distance in the workplace and alerts wearers when other units come within two metres with light, vibration and sound.

In April 2020, Devon-based company, Emtec, began looking at solutions to get people safely back to work during the pandemic. “That’s why we decided to partner with IK Multimedia’s decades of expertise in electronic and wireless product development in the creation of the Safe Spacer™,” comments Emtec’s Co-Founder and CEO, Martin Wedge.

An innovative social distancing monitor, the lightweight, wearable Safe Spacer™ is helping businesses to reopen safely and create a Covid-secure workplace. FCC, IC and CE RED certified, the device uses cutting edge ultra-wideband radio-frequency technology to achieve precise distancing and is up to 10 times more accurate than traditional Bluetooth. When operated with other protective measures, the Safe Spacer™ reduces the possibility of person-to-person infection by alerting wearers when other units come within two metres or six feet of them.

With a compact design, the WorkSafe Spacer™, can be easily worn on a wristband, belt loop or lanyard and can adapt to any workplace, without compromising existing safety protocols. It is attractive and comfortable to wear and can be used anonymously. There’s a choice of visual, vibration or audio to suit any work environment or individual need, and the device can also log contacts to facilitate fast contract tracing in the event of a reported exposure.

Each unit can be charged individually, or for organisations managing multiple units, the optional S-Charger docking/charging station allows the simultaneous bulk charging of up to 25 Safe Spacers™. It is also possible to chain three S-Chargers together, allowing companies to charge up to 75 units at a time. The S-Charger can be connected to a computer to easily configure multiple units and customise alert distances and types.

Ideal for use across the hotel, logistics, medical, manufacturing, food processing and construction industries, the device is also suitable for big corporations with large numbers of staff, who need to maintain distancing while working in a shared office space. It is waterproof and therefore easy to clean and sanitise and perfect for businesses operating multi-shift facilities or those that are open to the public such as museums, art galleries, churches, schools, casinos and other visitor attractions. The Safe Spacer™ is suitable for companies of any size, from 10 to 10,000 employees.

Martin explains: “Safe Spacer™ makes it easy to monitor compliance and log collisions for contact tracing, allowing virtually any organisation across the world to check compliance, identify problem areas and keep both employees and visitors safe.”

Talking about the device and what it means for the workplace, Martin added: “Our aim in creating the Safe Spacer™ was to help organisations get back to business and operate in a confidently secure way, and we’re delighted to have achieved this. The Safe Spacer™ is a real game-changer and what’s more its future-proof design offers many additional uses post-Covid, so it’s a real investment for any business.”

For more information email [email protected] or visit www.globalworksafe.co.uk

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