HAIX Announces A New Look For Its AIRPOWER XR26 Safety Boots

Providing protection, durability and comfort for those who need it most

Workers in the construction, agriculture and landscaping industries need footwear that can keep up with the demands of the job. Long days in all weathers can take their toll, and the risk of sole penetration from sharp objects can be dangerous. HAIX®, specialist manufacturer of functional safety footwear, understands that high quality, comfortable footwear can offer some much-welcomed support and prevent foot-related injuries and discomfort on the job. HAIX has refreshed the look of its top-selling Airpower XR26 safety boots, designed from the sole up to provide protection, durability and comfort for those who need it most.

Now available in black, the HAIX® Airpower XR26 boots feature an ultralight protective TPU toecap made of fibre-reinforced composite that far exceeds safety-testing standards. In fact, the Airpower XR26 has undergone a series of over one hundred material and quality assurance tests, replicating the day-to-day challenges of its wearers, who spend most of their time on their feet.

Working outdoors provides wearers with seasonal challenges, including warmer weather in the spring and summer. The Airpower XR26 works to maintain an optimum foot temperature, with the HAIX Climate System using the pumping movement of every step to circulate cool air into the boot via vent holes in the top. The anatomically formed footbed absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping feet dry and fresh with every step.

Tried and tested, the HAIX® Airpower XR26 features a waterproof GORE-TEX® Performance inner liner to keep feet comfortable, day in and day out. The GORE-TEX® inner liner works in harmony with a highly abrasion resistant lining to ensure durability, breathability and water-resistance. The inner liner has added insulation to protect the wearer when the temperature drops, ensuring optimised climate comfort year-round.

Constructed from high-quality materials, including 2.2mm thick waterproof and hydrophobic leather, the built-in Arch Support System is a hallmark of the HAIX® Airpower line, ensuring the foot’s curvature is supported and kept in the optimal position for overall foot health. The supportive cushioning sole makes sure toes and joints have sufficient space, helping to relieve pressure points and prevent feet from becoming sore or fatigued. The leather incorporates sun reflect technology, allowing the feet to stay cool under direct sunlight, essential for long summer shifts in black boots.

Highlighting yet another example of the HAIX® commitment to balancing safety and protection with wearer comfort, the Airpower XR26’s non-marking outer sole is resistant to heat, oil and gasoline. Providing further protection from hazards on the job, the boot has a flexible and lightweight steel puncture resistant midsole for enhanced safety. HAIX’s Airpower XR26 features a sturdy rubber/PU sole, providing wearers with a confident grip in slippery underfoot environments while ensuring exceptional impact absorption and correct toe-to-heel movement.

HAIX® understands that incorrect boot sizing can have adverse health effects and the potential for injury. The HAIX® Vario Wide Fit System accounts for the fact that an individual’s foot anatomy is unique, ensuring the width of the Airpower XR26 can be individually adjusted by three different insoles, improving wearer comfort and foot health.

“For some, protective footwear is not an option but a necessity. Twisted ankles, foot or toe injuries and sole penetration from sharp objects are just a few of the hazards faced by those in the construction, agriculture and landscaping industries. We develop our boots with a quality of workmanship that can keep up with the demands of the job,” says Simon Ash, HAIX® UK sales manager. “Workers need to know they can rely on the highest levels of comfort, support and protection, and the high-quality materials and manufacturing processes used to develop the Airpower XR26 have produced a boot they can count on year-round.”

For more information, visit www.haix.co.uk