July 20, 2024

New construction standard to tackle carbon reduction

A new construction standard for non-domestic Council builds has been agreed to help reduce carbon emissions.

Denbighshire County Council’s Cabinet has agreed recommendations for the new standard as part of the drive to tackle Climate Change.

The Council declared a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency in July 2019 which committed the Council to become net carbon zero by 2030.

Denbighshire County Council adopted the Climate and Ecological Change Strategy 2021 – 2030 in February 2021

Part of achieving the net zero goal in the strategy includes a 60 percent reduction of carbon emissions from non-domestic Council buildings.

The introduction of this standard will avoid the potential need for additional carbon reduction measures at a later stage within non-domestic new build and major extension/refurbishments.

Based on the UK Green Building Council’s (UKGBC) definition and best practice in construction, the new standard also meets in use and embodied carbon targets for all non-domestic new builds.

Cllr Brian Jones the Council’s Lead Member for Waste, Transport and the Environment, said: “We are continuing to work on ensuring the Council is reducing its carbon footprint and increasing biodiversity in the county.

“This standard is a big benefit for reducing carbon from non-domestic Council builds and will support our goal to reach net-zero by 2030.”