J.G. Hale Construction donate £5,000 towards Newport community initiatives

J.G. Hale Construction has donated £5,000 to be shared between three Newport community initiatives, to help them with their work supporting the local community.

The Neath-based construction firm’s donation was divided between three local community groups, with £2000 going to the Newport Yemeni Community Association, £1,500 going to Positive Futures, and £1,500 towards the regeneration of Bluebell Park.

Newport Yemeni Community Association (NYCA) is a non-profit charity that serves the Yemeni community of Newport. The charity’s work includes organising sport and other recreation for youngsters, as well as practical help and emotional support for older members of the community. In addition, the charity also received £200 worth of new children’s clothes donated by J.G. Hale Construction.

Positive Futures is an initiative that creates and delivers informative, local, accessible and affordable activities to engage children and young people – often in deprived estates or targeted communities.

The charity’s Community Sport & Wellbeing Team provide sport and physical activity opportunities to engage young people and encourage them to take part. Through this work, it aims to divert children and young adults away from the potential peer pressure of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

The donations are part of J.G Hale Construction’s wider community benefits commitment to the Treberth Crescent development, which it is building on behalf of not-for-profit housing provider, Pobl Group.

The development makes use of a parcel of land left over from the redevelopment of Newport’s 1940s prefab homes more than 20 years ago. The project is designed to provide housing for older residents and utilises a series of innovative and sustainable technologies, including PV panels and battery storage, as well as green roofs and climbing walls.

When completed in early 2022, the scheme will comprise of two apartment blocks, one containing 18 one-bed apartments and the other 27 two-bed apartments. These are linked by a three-storey atrium space, forming an entrance to the residential element.

The community hub building will be linked to the main residential block via a second-floor link corridor, allowing pedestrian access from both directions along Treberth Crescent.

David Harrhy, J.G. Hale Construction’s Group Managing Director, said:

“We are delighted to be able to make this donation of £5,000, which will make such a difference to three very worthy community initiatives in the Newport area. For each of the developments we are engaged to work on, we provide targeted social value initiatives to the communities surrounding each project. This is done via a range of tailored community benefits initiatives.

“It is great to, once again, be working closely with Pobl Group on the Treberth project. This collaboration has enabled J.G. Hale Construction to identify and share this donation between three fantastic projects. We wish them all continued success in achieving their aims.”

Karl Reed, Head of Community Sport and Wellbeing at Positive Futures, said:

“The financial contribution from J.G. Hale Construction has been fantastic for the Positive Futures programme this year. It is a really welcome addition to the funding we access from various sources to support and help grow our work and reach into Newport’s communities, where we support, engage and inspire children and young people using sport and physical activity, alongside youth work principles, to really make a difference.”

Lisa Brown, Economy & Enterprise Lead as Pobl Group, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to recognise these community groups that are making a huge difference to the lives of local people in Newport. Our aim at Pobl is to work in partnership with our contractors and the communities where we work, to help to create great places for people to live and thrive in, and we are very grateful that J.G. Hale Construction has made this very generous contribution to help us achieve this goal.”