Real estate is a good investment. This is an assumption that is no longer in doubt. However, this assumption does not apply systematically to all real estate, and even less to all those who own it. The profitability of an investment depends to a large extent on how it is managed. From this point of view, real estate is no exception to the rule

Property owners are aware that the value of a property does not always increase. And in most cases, external factors have a considerable impact (proximity to infrastructure, reputation of the area, etc.). However, it is possible to be proactive by making improvements that are sure to increase the value of your home.

Halfway between decoration and living space

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a house is to increase the living space. There are many ways to do this, including building a new room or moving up a floor, even if they are sometimes too expensive to be profitable. But opting for the construction of a garden room has the merit of being much less expensive and much easier to achieve. And with more or less the same results.

Garden constructions

Garden buildings are a criterion for the valuation of real estate. To see the impact of a garden room, a little experiment is in order. A visit to a property sales website will show that houses with garden buildings are generally more expensive than almost identical houses without them. There are several reasons for this.

When calculating the price of a house, estate agents take many factors into consideration. While a noisy environment can result in a decrease in value of 20%, a garden or a terrace is equivalent to an increase of 5 to 15%. In the same way, a garden construction contributes to the value of the entire property.

So if you are thinking of reselling a house in the future, it is not superfluous to add a garden room. Not only will it have an impact on the total surface area of the house, but it could also increase the aesthetic appeal of the property. Better still, the presence of such an arrangement and the extra space it represents gives the potential buyer the opportunity to rearrange the use of rooms within the main building as they wish.

Choosing the right garden room

The choice of a garden room should be carefully considered. It goes without saying that a garden room that is not in harmony with the rest of the house will not have a positive effect on the property value. It is also worthwhile opting for garden buildings that can be used for a variety of purposes. In this respect, a garden room is perfectly suited to the type of construction required, take a look at these Quick-Garden insulated rooms, they can be used as a play area for small children or as a personal workshop for writing, painting, sculpting, etc. In the case of open-plan buildings, they add a bucolic touch to outdoor parties and receptions.

But above all, remember that the garden roon is not permanent. Although some require a concrete slab or pad to be laid, they can be easily dismantled. This way, the potential buyer will not feel that the choices of a previous owner are being imposed on them if they do not like the layout.