Bhangals Construction Consultants celebrates Women In Construction Week

All female employees at Bhangals Construction Consultants came together for a photoshoot to mark Women In Construction Week 2022 (6-13th March).

Seven career driven women take key roles in the award-winning firm, where founder and managing director Parm Bhangal believes in equal opportunities for all, despite the sector being predominantly male dominated.

Operations manager Katie has grown in the business, starting out as a client service executive four years ago. Katie’s core responsibilities consist of overseeing and improving the business processes and in-house strategies to ensure the business is continuously growing. Katie also deals with other elements of the business such as recruitment and staffing.

She said: ‘’Going into an industry which is predominately male based, you do worry that you won’t be taken seriously, or you will be limited to what you can and can’t do but I truly believe since being in my role that if you are willing to give 110%, you can go far and progress.

‘’My advice would be not to allow the inexperience to stop you going for it. Before I started my career in construction, I had no experience and this can be daunting, however I have learnt so much in the last four years which has ultimately got me to the role I am in today.”

Yasmyn, Giuditta and Jasmin are the talented trio in the estimating team.

Yasmyn, who has been with Bhangals for two years, had previously worked for a steelwork firm and had experience in the construction field. Her current role involves pricing complex projects for clients and sending quotes out to suppliers.

Giudy prices projects in a time sensitive manor and reviews other colleagues work to ensure that estimates are totally accurate. Jasmin started her career at Bhangals with estimating experience from a previous role and has been an amazing asset to the team.

Client service administrators Scarlet and Charlotte work within the admin team, dealing directly with clients to ensure they receive an exceptional service from start to finish.

Charlotte said: “One of the main things I love about working in the construction industry is seeing the finalised design of our client’s project and seeing their dreams come to life.”

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