Timber group focus on Premier products

Increased demand for sustainable products is fast becoming a key driver for the timber industry to develop new, innovative products to meet customer needs. Premier Forest Products is constantly exploring creative solutions to address this demand.

Working closely with its customers and suppliers, the leading timber group has invested in expanding its product range, creating innovative, useful goods that will fill gaps in the market.

Their latest product, DryGuard, is a self-protecting structural plywood that will save contractors time, money and effort. Manufactured by leading European plywood manufacturer, Paged, DryGuard’s water repellent properties are ideal for use in roofs, floors, and walls.

They have also launched ProSite, a Medium Density Overlay (MDO) board that offers a practical, attractive solution for organisations which are working in highly visible locations and want to present a professional façade to the public. It has been incredibly well received thus far, with Littlewood Fencing using it in a significant project in Wokingham. Despite being onsite for over two years, the product is said to look as good as new.

Whilst researching and developing these new offerings, Premier Forest Products has realised that people are more focused on their environmental impact than ever before. People are increasingly keen to buy the right, durable product once, minimising the waste sent to landfill, as well as saving time on installation and money on replacements. Their aim is to be the go-to organisation for long-lasting, top-quality products that reduce environmental impact and save companies time and money.

James Pickford, UK Purchasing Director at Premier Forest Products, said: “At Premier, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and changing our product line to accommodate their wants and needs. In order to continue to grow and thrive, we have to continue to innovate, and our aim is to still do the traditional timber products well while simultaneously exploring new techniques and materials.

“After fantastic feedback from Littlewood Fencing, our ProSite board is continuing to do very well amongst customers, and the launch of DryGuard has already led to increased sales with some very positive feedback.

“We hope to continue innovating and growing our product range, whilst continuing to develop our relationships with suppliers and customers alike.”

Premier Forest Products is part of Premier Forest Group, a vertically integrated timber operation engaged in the importation, sawmilling, processing, merchanting, and wholesale distribution of timber and timber products from its eight sites in the UK.