Get informed! L&Q launch Complete Guide to Shared Ownership


With news that deposits for Shared Ownership properties are less than half the London average, and the median income required being less than £50,000, getting a foot on the first rung of the property ladder is attainable for more than many realise.

Leading housing association L&Q has reported that the average deposit of its Shared Ownership buyers in 2021 was just under £22,000 in London, and £18,000 elsewhere, in comparison to the open market, where the average deposit for a first-time buyer is now reported to be in excess of £50,000 in London, and £27,000 elsewhere.

As house price growth continues to outstrip wage inflation, Shared Ownership is becoming an increasingly popular and attractive route to home ownership. The challenges and barriers to home ownership are well documented, with options available from various sources offering support in taking the first step. L&Q is passionate about developing better places to live and is committed to building homes and services to suit a whole range of aspirations, incomes, and stages of life.

In 2021 alone, L&Q sold 750 Shared Ownership properties across London, the Southeast and The Midlands. Despite being one of the most popular buying schemes, due to the structure of the scheme lowering many of the financial barriers to home ownership, information on the nuances of the scheme is not readily available.

Recognising a need to demystify this route into home ownership, L&Q has launched Our Complete Guide to Shared Ownership – a dedicated manual providing all the ins-and-outs on the part-buy, part-rent process.

Shared Ownership is the government-backed part-buy, part-rent scheme in which purchasers can buy a percentage share of their home and pay rent on the remaining portion. As and when purchasers can afford to, they can buy larger shares in their home, through a process called ‘staircasing’. By reducing the initial outlay and keeping monthly payments at a manageable level, Shared Ownership can accelerate getting onto the property ladder compared to buying on the open market, whether buying as a single purchaser, or as a couple.

Overall, in 2021, 48% of L&Q’s Shared Ownership purchasers were single purchasers, and 40% were under the age of 30, showing the part buy, part rent scheme is a popular option for those looking to get on to the property ladder by themselves.

Claire Brenlund, Sales and Marketing Director at L&Q comments “As one of the UK’s leading providers of Shared Ownership homes, the team at L&Q are extremely passionate about helping hopeful buyers onto the property ladder. Our first-hand experience of supporting thousands to purchase homes over the years has given us a unique insight into the queries of buyers surrounding the scheme. Our Complete Guide to Shared Ownership aims to give a fully transparent overview of Shared Ownership, including the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home this way, to help potential purchasers determine if it’s the right route for them.”

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