July 19, 2024

Essential Steps For Dealing With Poor Quality Workmanship

Renovation work can be lengthy and is often very costly too. When building work is done to your home, watching your designs come to fruition can be exciting. Whether you’re having landscaping done to your garden, an extension built, or a complete renovation of certain rooms or your entire property, this should be a time of joy and satisfaction. However, these things don’t always go to plan, and in some cases, problems can also be caused by the people you’ve hired to do the job in the first place. Here are the key steps to take if you’re unhappy with the quality of workmanship during this time.

Document The Issue In Detail
You’ll want first to take measurements and photos and videos of the poor quality work, as you assess the work that has been done. It’s also worth doing all of this prior to any work being started just in case anything goes wrong. As well as gathering evidence, you’ll also want to gather all your official documentation, from invoices to your initial correspondence with these professionals. This will allow you to start a claim and help you discuss the problems you have with these traders to demonstrate what you’re not happy with and where you feel they have made mistakes.

Talk To Those That Did The Work
With your evidence in hand, discuss the issue with these workers and see if you can come to an understanding with them. You must try to keep your cool, as most traders will understand that they have a duty to uphold the Consumer Rights Act, which states that any trader must complete expected work with reasonable care and skill. If they argue with your criticism, even with your evidence, then you may be forced to take matters further. If you’re not happy with the job, it’s worth not backing down as you’ve likely paid a substantial amount of money for this work.

Seek Legal Guidance
If you’re struggling to get this issue rectified, you may want to look into making a legal claim against these workers with the help of a professional negligence lawyer like those at Hugh James. Unfortunately, simply discussing your concerns with traders isn’t always going to help encourage them to accept their errors, offer compensation, or even attempt to fix the issue. This is where legal guidance can come in handy. Solicitors experienced in professional negligence claims can help you seek this compensation, providing you with the appropriate funds to allow you to hire someone else to fix the problem later.

Hiring A New Professional
It can really sting when you run into a problem like this. Paying someone a substantial amount of money to complete a job can feel like a betrayal, only for it to be done without care and thought. Choosing your next professional team to do this job is therefore going to feel like a difficult task. This time, try to do as much research as you can on the traders that you’re considering entering into a contract with. And be transparent about what has happened before. Show them the work and see how they feel about fixing it before committing to this choice.