June 22, 2024

Luxury home improvement team bounces back after Covid with major revamp and expansion

The owner of a renowned independent Wolverhampton luxury home improvement company has hit out at “senseless” shutdowns as it bounces back after the difficult pandemic period – marking 40 years of business with major refurbishment and expansion.

James Lloyd of Dayrooms of Tettenhall said lack of clarity on trading rules at a time when massive national retail DIY chains were allowed to stay open was devastating.

James, who bought the company after working in sales and design at the showroom in School Road, Tettenhall Wood, after founder Andrew Day retired, was forced to put future plans on hold.

“The rules during the pandemic were confusing and frustrating. In the end they said we had to shut. We stayed focused, with continuing support of our clients and our focus on expansion, but it was a difficult and challenging reality for us,” he said.

“We were told we could be fined if we stayed open but larger retail outlets were allowed to trade. It just didn’t make sense. It was a costly and stressful time. After pouring my heart and soul into funding a buy-out just 12 months earlier, it was like the world stopped turning.

“We ended up being closed like so many other businesses and we were hit by a total lack of support from the powers-that-be.”

James, 39, added a hard-hitting continued issue has been a shortage of high-end appliances from around the world as supply dried up in the wake of Covid-19.

“This shortage still continues,” said James.

“We have solved it by snapping up alternative brands of kitchen appliance as a solution for our clients. We are grateful for our customers sticking with us and have not only survived but been able to grow with resourceful and creative ideas.”

James said that the company’s leading reputation in designing, supplying and fitting high-end kitchens meant they were able to survive the Covid-19 emergency.

He said in March 2022, they were able to sell kitchens costing from £5,000 to £225,000 to loyal customers.

“People stay with us,” he said. “If they move home, they come back to us. Most of our work is repeat orders – with years in between. Our work comes through word of mouth and is due to the quality and staying power of our kitchen designs, as well as brilliant workmanship in fitting and attention to detail. One recent customer came back to us after 22 years for a new kitchen.”

Now, Dayrooms of Tettenhall has completed a significant revamp, including a bedroom showroom over the road, which is set to open this summer. It has also branched out into designing and installing home offices.

“We’ve opened up the showroom to create an open plan space and have installed fabulous co-ordinated kitchen displays which showcase the latest designs,” said James.

“There’s a brand-new look for the exterior too, which has been uniformed and modernised. We’ve updated the building inside and out.”

He added: “We’re always moving forward in all aspects of our business, while also preserving the values that have made the company the success it is today. It’s been a really tough time throughout the pandemic for everyone and the industry has had to tackle many supply issues, but we’re coming out the other side now and we’re looking forward to the future.”

The company, which has a team of 11 employees and a team of self-employed kitchen fitters, is also set to welcome guests to a celebration of its 40-year milestone on Friday, April 29th.