July 20, 2024

Prestigious award shortlisting for rags to riches founder of £14 million loft empire

Telford-based businessman, Rob Stone, has been nominated for “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the prestigious UK Business Awards, after impressing judges with his rags to riches success story.

Facing spiralling consumer debt and struggling to feed his 9 children, Rob developed the idea for Instaloft – now the UK’s largest installer of loft storage solutions – when scrolling online through franchise opportunities and stumbled across one for loft ladders.

Though he could not afford a franchise, in a make-or-break move, Rob purchased some basic tools via a £200 credit card, created a basic logo and launched the Instaloft brand on Facebook.

Officially launched in November 2014, Instaloft is now celebrating its 8th year in business, and in that time, Rob has successfully scaled the business from a one-man-band operating from a 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Telford, to a £14-million turnover empire, employing over 140 skilled workers across 6 UK depots.

Commenting on the award nomination, Rob said: “I’m truly delighted to be nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year given Instaloft’s humble beginnings, and I hope my story inspires other aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their own journeys to success.”

“I founded Instaloft during an incredibly challenging time of my life, drowning in debt and selling off belongings at car boot sales to ensure I had enough to feed my family.

“Although I had no experience in loft installations, I really believed I could make this work. Being shortlisted for this award is testimony to that belief and to what I have achieved – we have gone from £125K revenue in year 1 to £14 million at the close of last year, which is just amazing when I think about how far we’ve come.”

Those who have been shortlisted will next compete in the Awards finals on July 1st where Rob will have to deliver a 30-minute presentation to the judges panel. The winners will be announced at the online awards ceremony on July 7th.

Founded in 2016, The UK Business Awards, also known as “The Dons”, celebrate the very best of British from all corners of the UK economy, illuminating the finest practices and achievements from every sector of the country’s business community.

Instaloft, who this year also announced the launch of the electrical branch of the brand, Instaspark, is headquartered in Telford, with regional offices in Essex, Reading, Peterborough, Newport and Wakefield. Instaloft is now on track to achieve a turnover of £30 million within the next 3 years, while Rob continues to expand the business into new sectors and regions.