August 7, 2022

Critical Safety Company Launch New Training Roof for Working at Height

Critical safety experts Reece Safety have introduced a new typical inclined roof structure to their critical training centre to accurately simulate roof working scenarios.

Without the correct safety measures in place, working at height can be hugely dangerous. In fact, accidents from height are one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries1.

The roof safety training adds on to the existing working at height equipment training course run by Reece Safety, which is ideal for those required to make physical use of harnesses and lanyards and to develop techniques for basic personal safety when at height.

“I am thrilled to launch our new roof working training rig and it will be a great solution to our clients needing a practical training course being delivered in safe and conducive conditions. You need a roof to deliver roof worker training that is relevant to the trainee – we now have the perfect environment to deliver a market leading package,” Andy Graham, Managing Director at Reece Safety.

The new training centre in Elland fits into the main warehouse as a partitioned section and forms part of our City & Guilds accredited training centre.

“Adding in our roof working simulation structure now meets the needs of people needing to work safely at height on similar clad roof areas found on industrial and retail units, domestic structures, schools and hospitals,” explained Graham.

The new aspect of the training centre allows Reece Safety to simulate attaching lifelines and temporary anchor points with strops, whilst those undertaking the training are on the roof. Participants will be able to traverse along the full width of the roof, whilst fully connected to either the rails or fixed system, and safely experience the risks of working near the roof edge.

“The roof can be accessed through typical temporary lashed ladders, including the need to attach to a fixed lifeline system or climb safely using common height safety equipment.” Graham adds.

“All training is done indoors in a clean, bright, and dry environment and we have other simulation equipment installed at ground level to easily train in safe anchorage and equipment use. Any roof working scenario, involving the ascent onto and descent off, are covered during the training course.”

You can find the full information on Reece Safety’s new working at roof height safety training centre here.