July 19, 2024

Custom Heat Offers Free Energy Efficiency Audits to Home and Business Owners in Cornwall to Mark its Service Area Expansion

Eight Jobs Created with Six+ Further People Sought to Join the South-West Team

Eight people from the area have joined the Custom Heat team and the firm is recruiting for at least six further qualified gas and oil engineer posts. Those interested in applying should visit www.customheat.co.uk/careers.

The free audit will comprise checking the rating of appliances, the efficiency of how the heating system is controlled as well as the proficiency of a property’s radiators or other heat emitters. The specialist engineer will then be able to offer information and bespoke guidance on a number of areas, from lifestyle changes and modulating energy usage to the benefits that could be achieved with a new boiler or smart controls.

Furthermore, those interested in renewable solutions can learn more about the process required in assessing their building’s suitability – if the insulation, draft proofing and heat emitters aren’t of an excellent standard, it’s likely a person’s energy bill would increase; this is on top of Britain’s spiralling energy prices.

The energy price cap increased to £1,971 on April 1 but will rise again in October and is expected to hit £2,800, meaning households will pay 42 per cent more than do they currently do.

A-rated boilers are more than 90 per cent efficient while G-rated boilers are only around 65 per cent efficient. This means a G-rated boiler can waste more than 30% of the gas paid for, equating to a £30 loss on every £100 energy bill.

Managing Director of Custom Heat, Lincoln Smith, is concerned about the significant impact the price cap increase will have on families and SMEs, especially if their boiler is effectively burning money. It is why the firm is encouraging people to assess their appliances and usage now so any desired changes can be planned before the cold snap and price increase hits.

Lincoln said: “People were worried about the increase in energy costs in April and this winter is already concern, with the most recent reports saying the energy price cap is expected to rise in October by a further 51 per cent. My advice is to review your supplier, appliance energy efficiency and control set up right now so you’re armed with key information and can plan to make changes before this year’s cold snap hits.

“We’ve been putting the customer first for over 40-years so to mark Custom Heat’s expansion out of the Midlands for the first time and into Cornwall, I wanted to help our new prospective home and business customers in the area to be as prepared as they can be this winter. A new boiler isn’t the only answer, smart controls and modulating usage can make a big difference; by coming out to people’s homes and businesses to assess their heating solution’s energy efficiency, I hope we can save the people of Cornwall some money this winter.”

Any business or rental property owner can also request a free certificate, which they can display to show their high level of energy efficiency.

To learn more or to book an appointment online, please visit customheat.co.uk, or join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram – @custom_heat_ltd.