The Right Marketing Strategies for a Construction Business


Any business can use marketing activities to help grow the business. A good marketing plan is critical to the success of a business as it can set you apart from your competitors.

The importance of marketing has increased significantly for the construction industry in recent years. The background to this is, among other things, a differentiation of the construction industry and an increase in competitive pressure coupled with high demand. Especially in a complex and economically difficult situation, the image of construction companies and engineering offices is exposed to a variety of influencing factors. A positive appearance can be achieved by appropriate effort and the use of measures and instruments of marketing. The changed market conditions make new strategies necessary. Modern construction marketing can be an important tool here to win new customers away from the traditional sales channels.

Use online and offline marketing strategies

Marketing, whether a digital strategy or a print approach with boards plays a huge role in the growth of any business. Social media marketing can be one of the essential marketing tools. It provides a great opportunity to showcase video content, which has extremely high potential in the construction industry. Therefore, video content can include information about construction processes, your products, a sneak peek at current construction projects, or a tour of the company.

The most promising approach, however, is usually a marketing mix that uses all available channels. Contacts with the local press, for example, are very good for getting yourself talked about in connection with anniversaries and sponsorships. High-quality flyers or brochures can prove very helpful in customer acquisition. There are also numerous options available to you online: from your own website to social media and Google AdWords campaigns to entries in online directories

Offer exceptional customer service

The customer service experience should try to go beyond the initial customer conversation and updates you may need to make along the way. There are many simple ways to improve customer service.

These can include:

  • Providing updates to customers without them having to ask first
  • Having in-depth conversations with customers to counteract misunderstandings
  • Flexibility with work and payment options
  • Handling all issues in a timely and professional manner

Implement a content marketing strategy

The most powerful argument for why content marketing is excellently suited for the construction industry lies in your target group. Because future construction families start looking for detailed information long before the actual building project. No wonder, since building a house is a long-term decision and an important milestone. Typical sources of information are the Internet, trade magazines, or construction companies themselves.

The ways you can spread your content are many:

  • Through a corporate blog or homepage,
  • through social media or newsletter marketing,
  • via your own customer magazine or brochures
  • or thanks to press work via high-circulation special-interest magazines on- and offline.

Follow-up with existing customers

Even after the job is completed, it is still possible to promote your construction business by following up with existing customers. You can contact them to get customer testimonials that can help promote your business to other potential clients. You can also use effective email marketing to stay in touch with satisfied customers who may want more construction projects in the future.

Anyone who really wants to make their mark should stick to their marketing plans and even expand them, regardless of the economic and structural crisis. You just need to test and learn which marketing strategy is best for your business. Those who take the listed success factors into account will demonstrably increase the probability that their activities will also lead to the desired success.

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