June 22, 2024

The latest edition of NHBC’s Technical Standards has come into effect. The new Standards will apply to every new home registered with NHBC where the foundations have been laid on or after 01 January 2023.

NHBC’s dedicated Standards team has spent the past year applying its expertise to a robust review of all technical content, working with stakeholders from across the industry to ensure the Standards continue to provide trusted support and guidance for builders and developers.

There have been many considerations this year which have resulted in significant changes and updates to several chapters, including:

  • aligning with British Standards, including BS EN 1992, BS 8666 and BS 8102:2022
  • updates to both concrete upper floor design and timber/joist deflection limits and to the weathertightness of windows, doors and glazing
  • new guidance on the provision of horizontal movement joints on masonry clad buildings and on supporting single leaf garage walls
  • addressing the Low Carbon Agenda by:
    • increasing cavity wall widths due to improving thermal performance standards
    • a focus on renewable and sustainable technologies to reduce carbon footprint and provide alternative heating sources.

The Standards will continue to help builders and developers deliver the highest possible new home standards and support the continuous improvement of the quality of new homes.

NHBC Standards and Policy Manager, Mark Russell said: “There have been significant changes to this year’s Standards to ensure they remain both relevant and accurate. We are sure the industry will find them a useful reference point as we all work to build safe, high-quality homes for everyone.”

For more information, please visit: NHBC Technical Standards | NHBC

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