July 12, 2024

Architects announce new sustainable sister company

Saunders Boston Architects has today announced it is extending its business to include an innovative new sister company, SB Sustainability.

SB Sustainability will offer in-house advice on sustainability projects to new and existing clients, which was previously outsourced.

The new business will allow clients to put sustainability at the heart of their project from inception to completion.

Experts will provide consultancy advice on construction projects to set sustainability briefs, rather than it being retrofitted to developments.

As part of this exciting extension, Kerry Davies has been brought in to lead SB Sustainability. Kerry has previous experience within the electrical, civil and structural fields, working both as a consultant and on the contractor side. She has worked within the sustainability sector for 10 years and has been involved in education, leisure, commercial, residential and industrial schemes.

Kerry said: “I am delighted to be a part of this new endeavour with Saunders Boston. The main aim is to be able to instil sustainability values and objectives right at the beginning so that they are at the core of our projects. We will work with clients from beginning to end to establish key sustainable measures and ensure these are met.

“It is a very exciting, but also daunting, time in relation to sustainability in the construction industry; everyone knows that we must reduce our environmental impact, but the means to achieving targets isn’t always clear. We look forward to helping teams embrace sustainable initiatives and work together to improve our buildings.”

The service will be rolled out across both branches of Saunders Boston Architects in Cambridge and Exeter.

Darren Heffer, Director at Saunders Boston Architects, said: “Saunders Boston Architects is delighted to launch our sister company SB Sustainability. This service will bring added value to our clients and provide a holistic approach to sustainable design. Moreover, it will reinforce our passion and desire to create built- form that is environmentally sound today, and that also safeguards the well-being of future generations”.

SB Sustainability aims to make a difference by taking real, meaningful action to build a greener future for generations.