July 12, 2024

New year, new jobs: making the most of your security range in 2023

For any merchant looking to kick off their new year with a bang, it pays to plan ahead and prepare for the January job list, writes Tommy Geddes, Commercial Director for George Boyd.


So many home improvement jobs get put off in the run up to the festive season that the new year is the time when there’s a renewed appetite to get stuck in.


That is why targeting your promotions and sales focuses will help to give you a golden start to 2023.


Solving door dilemmas

Across the winter period, and with the mercury set to stay rock bottom as we enter a deep freeze over the first months of the year, offering solutions to some common door dilemmas is a great way to add a bunch of extra sales to your new year basket.


Some of the most frequent issues include wooden doors that have experienced contraction due to temperature changes, or older locks that have frozen or cracked. Consider important elements to support replacement doors, such as new hinges and door furniture, as well as any tools and accessories needed to remove locking cylinders as top priorities in your security selection.


Defeat the draught
No homeowner wants to be stuck in a freezing house, especially when the cost of keeping the radiators on just keeps on rising. Faulty or missing draught excluders are one of the most common causes of cold homes that prompts residents to turn up the thermostat – adding as much as £45 per year to their energy bills.


Draught excluders can offer great promotion opportunities, with even a small price drop encouraging a generous boost in sales as homeowners look for solutions to save money on bills and keep their homes toasty and warm. Look to stock POS or commercial materials that also give guidance on how easy and quick it is to install draught prevention products to encourage sales cut through for the expert DIY-er.

Stack some storage

When your home is overloaded with Christmas leftovers and the kids are flush with the latest gadgets, it can often be a struggle to find a place to keep all your new additions neat and tidy. Adding additional storage space is something that many homeowners favour as an easy new year job, so ‘hero-ing’ product lines that support these jobs is a strong option.


Choosing to push products that complement the need for new storage solutions, such as handles, hinges and tools can give you an easy and quick win for your bottom line ahead of the DIY boom period.