July 20, 2024

Leeds Conservatoire, a member of Luminate Education Group, has been awarded over £1.6m to make environmental improvements to its building.

The money has been provided by the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme; a Department for Energy Security and Net Zero initiative to help reduce carbon emissions across the country.

Leeds Conservatoire will be using the funds to replace old gas fire boilers, install double glazing and LED lighting, and replace its air heating and cooling systems.

Professor Joe Wilson, Principal at Leeds Conservatoire, said: We take sustainability seriously and are pleased that these funds will help to reduce the conservatoire’s carbon footprint.

“We’re committed to becoming a net zero organisation by 2035, as outlined in Luminate Education Group’s newly launched Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development Pledge.

Luminate Education Group’s institutions operate across multiple campuses plus smaller centres and community venues, with a substantial collective carbon footprint.

The organisation’s Group Vice Principal for Development, David Warren, said: “This investment is important to us as we strive to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across the group. We have already been making our campuses more energy efficient – through building improvements, waste reduction and energy generation, and are working on sustainable travel plans.

“We are also embedding sustainability into our curriculum, for example through offering carbon literacy training to all our students and staff, and increasing our green skills provision to support local employers as they embrace emerging technologies.

“We will be partnering closely with local organisations, businesses and community groups that value sustainability too, so we can coordinate our efforts and maximise the results.”

For more information about Leeds Conservatoire, visit www.leedsconservatoire.ac.uk

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