April 18, 2024

For some time now, consumers have been placing more emphasis on sustainability, spurred on by a heightened global focus on climate change. This trend was highlighted in the 2023 UK Houzz Kitchen Trends Report, which found that the vast majority of homeowners are incorporating sustainable features during a kitchen renovation and prioritising energy efficiency and green materials in their plans. But sustainability isn’t just important for the environment, it can actually help your business to grow.

If you’re curious about the potential financial benefits of making environmentally friendly choices for your business, check out this advice from senior editor for leading home design and renovation platform Houzz, Amanda Pollard.


1. It increases consumer trust

As sustainability continues to be of increased importance to consumers, they will expect businesses to adopt better practices. So while your eco credentials might not be the sole reason a potential client chooses you, it could certainly help to build the relationship and set you apart from others in the market.


2. It can lower office running costs

When thinking about your office or studio space, incorporating eco-friendly choices, such as LED lighting or heat source pumps, can result in lower overheads. Cutting back on paper use by moving to more digital methods such as digital Takeoffs using Houzz Pro’s all-in-one business management and marketing software, can also save on printing costs, as well as saving you significant time in the process. 


3. It increases innovation

It often takes a challenge to force creative thinking. A sustainable focus can prompt you to try new materials and design strategies, which in turn could provide a more interesting and innovative result for your client.


4. It can help to attract and retain employees

For many business owners, attracting and retaining great employees is of vital importance, especially in a competitive market. As employees are increasingly looking for employers that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility, adopting sustainable practices can help to keep the very best people in your business.


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