June 22, 2024

The Future of Data Management for Construction Companies with Fordway’s new Managed Archiving Service


Fordway, a UK Managed Service Provider and Microsoft Partner is pleased to announce the launch of a new Managed Archiving Service, which will help to transform the way construction companies handle their data archiving needs. The service is built on the success of Fordway delivering the managed archiving service for Fusion and BFK’s joint venture project.

In today’s data-driven, digital world, the secure management of sensitive information and data has become more vital than ever before. Businesses across industries are finding themselves faced with the challenges of having a growing volume of data whilst ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements are met. Fordway’s new service has been created to address these challenges and help construction companies manage projects more efficiently.

The Managed Archiving Service provides businesses with a long-term data storage solution essential for legal compliance, risk management, customer protection, dispute resolution and informed decision making. This can be particularly helpful for construction companies who are often on the road – travelling from site to site while communicating with developers as well as handling remote employees and a network of third-party vendors which will typically share data, files and information to keep the project running smoothly. Any errors occurred that stop construction workers from being able to access the data can delay projects significantly as well as rack up costs.

Here are some of the reasons why data archiving is important for construction companies:

• Compliance – With extensive documentation needed for most construction projects, including building permits, reports, contracts and finance records, construction companies often find they need to ensure they are compliant with regulations. Having a managed archiving service can allow companies to ensure they have all the necessary documents easily accessible and organised properly to reduce the risk of being found non-compliant.

• Risk Management – Construction projects can be especially susceptible to legal disputes and claims that can occur long after the project has been completed. Secure document archiving will allow companies to present a historical record of the project from design changes to delays and any communication between the two parties.

• Improved Collaboration: Digital archiving solutions can provide a simplified way for construction teams to collaborate, particularly in Joint Venture projects. Documents that are digitally available make it easier for people to access remotely and shared with any stakeholders which will boost productivity between teams.

• Cost Efficiency: Keeping physical records can be harder to manage in terms of storage space and security and take up valuable office space for document storage. Managed archiving services can take away that stress.

• Environmental Responsibility – Environmental responsibility is a big consideration for the construction industry. Switching to digital archiving allows companies to reduce paper waste as well as having more efficient, streamlined data management.

By working with Fordway, organisations can now be prepared for regulatory requirements, legal obligations and business challenges, as well as protecting the interests of individuals and maintaining their trust.

At its core, Fordway’s data archiving service involves transferring inactive data to Microsoft Azure for long-term retention that is both efficient and secure, whilst also providing the ability for the customer to retrieve data as and when needed, with Fordway managing both the archive and the data recovery and retention. By investing in managed archiving services, construction companies can effectively manage their data and save money in the long run.

Companies can find out more about the new service by visiting Fordway’s website: https://www.fordway.com/

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