Building and Construction Industry Sees 40% Spike in Unplanned Absence throughout June

  • Last month saw unplanned absence levels in the industry spike to a level almost four times the average rates
  • The most notable peaks were seen on 14th, 18th and 21st of the month


Data from global absence management provider, Edays has revealed that the building and construction industry has seen a spike of 40% in unplanned absence throughout the month of June when compared to the preceding four months of the year.

This peak, when compared to other industries, is almost four times the global average for unplanned absence in the same month. When analysing the details of this trend, there were notable individual spikes throughout the month in the UK, including:

  • 14th June – 40% higher than average
  • 18th June – 32% higher than average
  • 21st June – 30% higher than average

Notably, prior to the highest peak on Monday 14th June, England had played football and won against Croatia as part of the EUROs tournament. Additionally, Friday 18th June saw the England team play Scotland in the tournament, a historic clash which saw fans travel around the country to watch the game. Edays has reported on the Winner’s Hangover the day after some of the games. Following England’s historic win against Germany, UK businesses overall saw a spike of almost a third (31.8%) in unplanned absences on the following day.

Industries such as Building and Construction are less able to work from home during the pandemic, and therefore more susceptible to staff shortages due to self-isolation orders. With professionals working on building sites, often in close proximity, businesses see significant resourcing issues as the virus case numbers increase.

These monthly peaks are also reflected on a global scale in the international Building and Construction industry. Around the world, spiking COVID-19 cases are followed by waves of absence and so the cost of absence management can ripple through a business. Management and HR departments need the tools to monitor and prevent these unplanned absences and maintain a healthy culture of employee wellbeing and productivity alike.

“With 55% of businesses unaware of the cost of their absence, the Building and Construction industry cannot afford to ignore the cost of such abnormally high absence rates,” explained Steve Arnold, co-founder of Edays. “With increasing infection rates, everybody is at risk – especially when working in confined environments. Businesses need to protect their workers to help them stay both safe and productive. Absence must matter and accurate tracking and management must sit at the heart of the business now more than ever”.

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