YARD Direct, with it’s excellent reputation for roof windows has been named the Official UK Partner for Roto Windows.

These windows are in stock for the most popular sizes and types and available right away, competitively priced for the current market. 

 Roto Windows are specially made as a result of their craftsmanship which dates back to 1935, when the company was founded. The name Roto represents innovation and technological progress in system components for the construction industry. This continues to this day.  The finish is exceptional as you would expect from a German engineered product. The product range is made from high quality materials and made to last. So much so that the windows come with YARD Direct’s 15-year warranty of quality assurance. 

 There are so many benefits to Roto Windows when compared to industry competitors, including the attractive design. Another benefit is the modern shape of the roof window covering, available in a dark grey, anthracite-metallic colour with a full range of interior and exterior sun screening. 

 Carefully selected materials, advanced technology and many years of experience in the production of roof windows guarantee very high quality and maximum safety. Roto Windows offer extremely high stability and durability thanks to multi-chamber profiles made of fibre-reinforced plastic with steel reinforcement.

 Roto Windows boast optimal energy efficiency thanks to the pre-installed WD thermal insulation block and vapour barrier film. Which means lower heating and air-conditioning costs that are too good to pass up thanks to the energy-saving triple glazing. Another benefit is that the galvanised fixing brackets are pre-installed which saves time on site.

 Ken McLelland, Founder, YARD Direct, said: 

 “I am thrilled to be Roto’s UK online partner stocking and supplying Roto Windows. They are a very high quality roof window and they offer a perfect solution. Particularly now with the extended lead times we are experiencing on other products. 

 This generation of Roto Windows is an invaluable addition to the UK Market and I am so excited to be the UK stockist. These windows are like the ‘BMW’ of Roof Windows. They come with so much as standard which is not as common in this sector. They also look great, are highly energy efficient and are a real credible alternative to the current options on the UK Market.” 

 Over the last 4 months in particular building supplies have been hard to get hold of and windows and roof windows are no exception. However, thanks to the new partnership arrangement with Roto, this problem is no longer an issue for frustrated homeowners of the UK as these windows are in stock and available immediately from the YARD Direct Warehouse in Stirling, Scotland. 

 Marta Oleszczuk, Export Manager said:

 “We are so elated to be supplying Roto Windows to YARD Direct. These windows are something that we are so proud of, these are high-quality products which we stand for.  We are delighted to be working with YARD Direct, whose expertise and commitment are perfectly complemented with the Roto vision. Supplying to the UK is something that we have been working towards for a while and there has never been a better time to launch an alternative roof window.

 Our range is expansive and we offer alternatives to industry names as well as those essential accessories like roof window blinds and flashings. YARD Direct’s 15 year warranty for our roof windows speaks for itself when we speak about the quality of our products. Roto Windows really are a smart choice when you are thinking about the new window for your house.” 

 For more information and to check out the range of roof windows available now visit https://www.yarddirect.com/roto/.